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Joakim Engblom is an abstract painter, 35 years of age from north of Sweden. He started his art career by digging in to the world of graffiti and got totally stuck. For fifteen years he did nothing else but practice this art form in the streets at night and loved every minute of it. But now he’s looking forward to a new chapter in the book of art. Ready to showcase his art in more galleries.

Brooklyn zoo


“The small things in life, from big cities to deep forests looking and learning from other artists, searching for a way of expression for myself and my art.” - Joakim Engblom

- Färg, form och hantverk August 2016 - June 2017 Nyckelvikskolan, Lidingö

- Bild och form programmet Slottegymnasiet, Ljusdal August 2005 – June 2008