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I am everything and almost nothing at the same time. I don’t base my knowledge on anything other than what I know. I don’t know what I’m doing, I only know what I have done. I learn from my mistakes and my discoveries. I also keep what I want to learn and reject what I already know. It is not easy to pick through the noise. I am picky, and I also let things happen in slow motion.

I watch a bad scenario take shape and bring me down. Not sure why, but I almost have to go through it to make something great out of it.
My life is a process.

Whatever happens is my fault/success and it is also my only way to create anything.
I am the process. I have to love the process.

These lines are extracts from my mind. Taken at random and given at a first hand experience. I did not plan this. I wrote this.

—---> Here goes...

I want to work. I want to discover and experiment, but sometimes it is not to be. It does not bother me because I know that when I do work, I will give everything I have. I have nothing to give. I find some processes thoughtless and boring. Time is an obstacle and I feel frustrated. To reach the moment of creation, everything seems to align in a non effort circumstance. I don’t know how it will happen, but I give it a chance each time I start painting, trying to find my way back.

When I work, I work with acrylics, spray paint, markers, pencil, brushes, and more. Usually on unstretched canvas, stapled to the wall.

Marathon man 60x80 sm


I am drawn to compositions in art, be it music, painting, photography or dance. I have a handful of artists that have influenced me over the years, Jean-Michel Basquait, Lucien Freud to name a few. Oh, and also Jeff Tweedy, Adam Duritz, David Bowie, Elliott Smith, Michael Jordan,

I often pick trends apart. I have tried some of them, collage, illustrative figures, urban decay. What is a trend really? Just like the big movements in history, baroque, impressionism, cubism? What is a certain trend today? Seems to me that many artists go from canvas to sculpture or conceptual art, maybe that is a trend, leaving the canvas. I do not seek trends. I get what I need from what I am interested in. Spontaneity for example. Resting and looking at a painting with a marker in hand can result in many scenarios. Words, total make over, lines or shapes. That is the exciting part.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Illustration at Savannah College of Art And Design

Nothing planned right now but I am working so I am ready :)

Mixed media on canvas. (Acrylic, spray paint, markers, pencil, ink and more, all on canvas)

I see it all as a learning conquest of discussions and experiences within the creative realm of my mind. Trust the process and create what you feel is right. Talk about it and see what happens, how people react. Then wait for the moment when it all makes sense. When you hit it bigger than you already have. Each step is the step you need, to be who you will be. Paint the paint and guide the line. Form the shapes and hide the light. Work, work, work and work some more. Drink wine, or not. Drink beer and burp. Leave the brushes dirty in the dirty paint water. Create what you are meant to create and face the fear because you have the fear. Write what you need, to be the one you need to be. Create the personas that you embrace in your unconsciousness.
Ahhhh… there it is. The time after. The time of regret and anxious thoughts. There it is, there it is. Keep working, on and on and on.
For every show I always create that one piece that stands out. The one that I dare myself to keep touching and pushing more but I am too scared to change. It is good now so why should I add more to it? Trust the process. What I paint on it now will lead to what it will turn into later.