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Gustaf Tidholm, born 1981 in Huddinge, Sweden, grew up in a creative environment. His abstract paintings aim to evoke balance and harmony, characterized by vibrant colors. He integrates art with interior design, viewing painting as a meditative process. Working from his home studio, his work is sold internationally and featured in magazines.



Tidholm's abstract paintings seek to echo the human longing for balance and harmony. They embody the
essence of abstract expressionism, inviting contemplation and dialogue, whether with oneself or others. The impact of each piece often hinges on its display location. With their atmospheric hues and dynamic brushwork, his artworks possess a potent ability to evoke both tranquility and vitality.


2020 - Brunnsgatan - Office Exhibition - Stockholm

2022 - Think Pink! - Online at Artworks.se: 22/01 - 24/03

2022 - Galleri Grip - Stockholm: 04/06 - 09/06 - Solo Exhibition

2022 - MINIMALISM - Digital Solo Exhibition at Artworks.se: 30/06 - 30/09

2022 - MONTERO Art Gallery - Gustaf Tidholm and his approach to abstract Landscapes - Viewing Room at ARTSY.net : 08/08 - 08/09

2023 - Solna Art Gallery - Solo Exhibition: 16/8 - 6/9

2023 - Times Square / Broadway - New York: 15/11 (Digital Display, Large Screen, with Plogix Gallery, 3 artworks)

2024 - Gallery Killgissa, Jubilee exhibition Konst.se 15 year anniversary, Mariatorget in Sthlm: 7/6 - 12/6.

Gustaf Tidholm views the process of painting as a form of communication akin to a dance between the artist and the paint. He finds acrylics particularly exhilarating due to their fast drying time, which requires letting go of control as the paint seemingly has a mind of its own. Tidholm describes painting as a perfect form of meditation, where initial ideas often evolve into something entirely different in the moment of inspiration. Abstract painting allows emotions and the subconscious to emerge freely, resulting in genuine and pure expressions that are fascinating to interpret and articulate.

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