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Since early age, I have been litterally surrounded by art. My mother was a painter. We travelled a lot and I was early introduced to classic and modern art. Although I loved to paint and draw, I chose science, and started to paint more frequently only a few years ago.

I would say that I have been an art consumer for decades, and now I have all these ideas in my head that I want to test.

The arrival


My mother was an important inspiration. Sometimes I recognize a discussion we had or a technique or colour combination she used, in my paintings.

Nature is a great source of inspiration, colours, light, animals, movements or powers in nature.

Many great artists have inspired me, among them Henry Rousseau, the abstract modernists of the early twentieth century and others. I see something that intrigues me and explore it, e.g. the flat surface of clothes in older japanese woodprints seem to intensify the movement in the picture, with limbs and heads protruding from the mass.

I am mostly self taught regarding the techniques that I use. However, I do have a theoretical base of knowledge from my mother, and some practical knowledge, too.

I choose acrylics because of the short drying time. I tried oil colours, but grew inpatient and get stuck. Acrylics allow me to test ideas in a short time.

I seldom use layers of contrast colours. I like to put colours side by side that enhance one another.

I paint in abstract, semi abstract or a more realistic style, depending on the theme, e.g. to present a mood, abstract style seems adequate, for story, a mixture works best, and for nature, I use a more realistic approach.

In my abstract paintings, the basic ideas are to divide the surface in equal parts, and place lines and curves with some order in mind. With many colours used, order is needed to bring a sense of calm, if intended so. I also work a lot with hints: a form or a colour reminds us of a specific thing.

Often, I have a clear idea that I have been thinking of for some time before I start, but almost always, elements of the idea are changed in the process, to improve the outcome, or for practical reasons. I may incorporate chance. Maybe a knot in the canvas or a shadow bring new ideas... I have a lot of fun when I paint. Even in my darkest periods, the paintings that were supposed to be dark, are not perceived as such.

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