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Born and raised in Sweden, but I always felt like I wanted more. After high school I decided to move to Switzerland to study architecture. The influences and different cultures I came across during my eight years in Switzerland really formed me and you can say I became who I am during those years.

Today I’m a single mom and my secret escape during every stage of life has been creating art… I’ve always found peace through combining my two passions, the perfect proportions of architecture and different colors and textures from art. That’s how you get ART-i-texture…

Light in the Dark


Seeing the core in everything around me, translating it into a concept in my mind and at last combining proportions, colors and textures into art, hoping I have succeeded in eliciting a feeling. That’s how I fell into architecture in the first place.
I always let my hand flow freely when I translate the image in my head and feeling I get in my heart.
I really can’t say what my inspiration is. It comes from any-and everything.

Master in science of architecture
(Included art studies).

Acrylic, clay, spray, stucco, frigolit, silk paper etc.

Works for sale (6)