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My name is Suzan Habib and known by my artist name Cash. I am a woman and queer artist who was born in Afghanistan / Kabul and live in Sweden.
My art has been and is a way for me to express and convey my experiences of society, people and I see this as the central part of everything I create, but the techniques varied over the years.

Shattered country
An exhibition arranged by me in collaboration with SAK-Diesel workshop Nacka 2017

An independent vernissage and exhibition at multicultural center Stockholm. 2019

An exhibition arranged by me in collaboration with SAK. Diesel workshop Nacka 2019

Instant Gratification
solo exhibition. Juste Gallery 2021.

Tomorrow’s sorrow
Solo exhibition . Galleri Hind 2022.

After Rain. 2022
Solo exhibition. Farbror Niko restaurang

After Rain 2022
Joint exhibition. Artpitable
Joint exhibition. kontoret nybroviken.

A thousand pieces 2023.
Solo exhibition. Juste Gallery

Empowerment. 2023
Solo exhibition in Stockholm Diselverkstan Nacka

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I take inspiration from many skilled artists regardless of their social position in the art world. Independent artists and well known. what unites us and inspires me is our common taste of techniques and color choices. mostly pop art and street art artists. My absolute two favorites are Voka and Jimmy Law who make outstanding portrait paintings and in addition to them there are many others.

I have taken the aesthetic program image and form in high school, after high school education at Nyckelviksskolan the general line and two years of vocational training as a hantverkspedagog.

Nothing clearly planned.

Mix media.

Several paintings on progress.

Works for sale (6)

  • I see you

    2,200.00 €
  • To a brighter future

    1,200.00 €
  • The Lens

    1,100.00 €
  • Power of love

    1,200.00 €
  • Queen

    450.00 €
  • Zoë Kravitz

    1,100.00 €