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“I am a 31-year old, self-taught artist based i Kalmar, south Sweden. I have always felt curious about and drawn to anything creative, whether it be with words, painting, music or why not, with flowers. The freedom to express myself, to grow awareness, to seek and explore life further, are essential to me. Painting gives me space to do so.

Besides painting I actually get to express myself creatively as a part-time florist, which fills my world with even more beautiful colours, shapes and scents. I present my works at YŪGEN ART STUDIO which is a digital platform, or perhaps better described sanctuary, where I get to be curious, to reflect upon and play with ideas and feelings. I do believe life is more than meets the eye, and I hope to transfer some of my appreciation for life through my works, inspire to dream and fill this world with more beauty.” - Tove Andersson



“Life really. How to try being a human in this life. Existential questions. Appreciating all the great things and all the small things. My personal exploration of freedom, connection, truth, beauty and transformation. And of course, with the concept of yūgen (which inspired my studio name), which is about the awareness of life and the appreciation of its subtle, mystical beauty, is the foundation and inspiration for my creative endeavours.” - Tove Andersson

- Master of Laws, Lund University.

- Bachelor of Arts, Art History and Visual studies, Lund University.

- Craft program, Florist, Af Chapmangymnasiet, Karlskrona.


Tove Andersson often tends to blend figurative painting with more abstract themes, and mixing different mediums. She has recently found herself feeling more comfortable where there are less restrictions. Instead, the mystical place of in between allows for more to flow and gives great potential to the process. That is where the magic happens.