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Sara is a spray paint artist whos paintings invites the surreal in to our existence. The motifs makes up a dreamland of soft and explosive nature that stretches out our universe and existence. This borderland is home to stick figures and guises, so-called dreamers, who use their non-existence to take on different life forms.

Fairy Forest


Nature as a stepping stone into the unknown.

Upcoming exhibition with Ingeborg Andersson. May 24 - June 3. Artist Arena Showroom Stockholm.

Upcoming solo exhibition. November. Växjö.

Craft and art markets both physically and online. Read more on my website.

Spray paint and acrylic.

"Spray paint is both a well-thought-out art form, which requires planning for what is needed in each layer to reach the final result, and a fast and intuitive art form where much is created in the moment through the way the colors are manipulated. It is an organic process, where the motifs are shaped by feelings and ideas, which in turn are shaped by the colors and what emerges during the process. Almost as if the motifs are creating themselves".
- Sara