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Hesho Serray is a Sweden-based abstract artist with a love for textures found in nature. Hesho translates earth's beauty into her artwork, focusing on reflecting natures different forms, energies and exciting expressions.
Hesho highly enjoys creating her own textural abstract style where the raw materials found in nature evokes different emotions and memories in the eye of the beholder.

Walking in nature lets her capture hidden details, where the symphony of life occurs, discovering the playfulness of light and shadow and translating this directly into her artwork.
Creativity is part of her soul's journey!

Great forest


Sources of inspiration to Hesho's abstract works are different feelings, beauty of life, energy and nature. She highly enjoys mixing Scandinavian and Japandi art with her own textural abstract style, leading her to incorporate more of these principles in her artworks.

"Our forests, oceans and earth provides us with health, serenity and have an endless amount of patience. Each element provides their own function and beauty. When in tune with nature, time is not measured in hours or minutes nor in musts and have to-do's."

Recently discovering the aesthetic philosophy of Wabi-Sabi further inspired her to incorporate the principles of appreciation of natures forces in to her artwork. Hesho's art reminds her of being present- trusting the process and that imperfections are part of life's beauty. Each layer represents an experience added to life and therefore the piece of art.

Hesho's art can be hung both vertically and horizontally, the shadow-play is an important part in nature and therefore in her art. Each art piece is unique and sent to its new owner with set intentions of positive energy, best wishes and love.

Hesho Serray has a BA in Behavioral Science, Karlstads Universitet
Courses in Architecture, HR, Microbiology, Biology and Psychology at Borås Högskola, Karlstads Unviersitet and Göteborgs Unviersitet
Different art courses over the years in acrylic, sketch, clay, silversmithing, fused glass jewelry and digital art

***Upcoming: 2023 Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm***
2022 Solo Exhibition Artist Arena, Stockholm
2022 Group Exhibition Artist Arena, Stockholm
2022 Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm
2022 Arken Spa, Gothenburg

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2022 WWF (Världsnaturfonden)
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