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I love shape and color and I’m drawn to the abstract expression. With a background as a DJ since the 90’s within electronic dance music, I get most of my inspiration. I see music in colors, which in turn creates a feeling.

To paint is to lose yourself and go by feeling. Time and space disappear. Everyday life disappears. Thus, painting has become a way for me to deal with highs and lows, to be able to express myself and give vent to all the emotions bubbling inside me. I don’t follow any rules, only intuition.

Corners of my mind


I was part of the rave culture when it started in Stockholm in the beginning of the 90’s. I have a long career as a Dj myself. Therefore, it comes naturally that I am strongly influenced by all impressions from the club culture. I love the colorful expression on flyers, record labels, backdrops and the visuals playing behind the dj booth. Color and music go hand in hand and I always paint with music in the background. The music gives me a feeling & vibration.

Konstskolan i Stockholm- konstnärlig grundutbildning 1 år.

Konstskolan Basis- fristående kurs i oljemålning

Konstskolan Basis- fristående kurs i kroki och teckning

Stockholm 2024:
Solna Konsthall: Jurybedömd Vårsalong 25/3-30/4.
Galleri Kaktus: grupputställning 31/5-11/6.
Art Bakery NK: 14/6-14/9
Galleri Stenhallen, Öland: jurybedömd grupputställning 28/6-11/7.
Galleri Granit- September
Artistarena showroom 6/11-18/11

Acrylic paint, spray paint, markers, chalk and charcoal.

I often mix different techniques or improvise with kitchen tools, tape, stencils, diy tools, brushes, sponges or whatever I come across in the moment.

Some paintings have an intention from the start, others just happens on the go.

Works for sale (6)