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Patrick Jakobsson, born in 1974 in Södermalm, Stockholm, is a versatile artist with strong roots in the Swedish capital. He grew up in Akalla but spent a great deal of time on Kastellholmen, where his grandmother lived. This allowed Patrick to spend countless hours and weekends at the Moderna Museet's art/painting workshop. He has always been inspired by the people around him, who encouraged him to create art and incorporate creative elements. This early engagement with art has influenced him throughout his life, and since 1993, Patrick has worked in digital design, focusing on branding and digital visual design.

Patrick Jakobsson signs his paintings with the initials "KLC," based on his asian name, Kim Loeng Choong. This signature carries cultural significance and serves as a reminder of his Asian heritage. By using this signature, he expresses pride in his background and creates a personal connection between his artistic expression and his origins. It also provides the viewer with insight into the artist behind the works and the diverse sources of his inspiration.

Golden Pink Lady no.202423


Patrick's art style is multifaceted, incorporating various techniques and expressions. He experiments with acrylic paintings, often including abstract elements. In addition to acrylic art, he is also skilled in illustration with both ink and digital art. These different media allow him to explore various forms of expression and create diverse works that resonate with viewers in different ways.

In his studio at home in Stockholm, Patrick Jakobsson finds the necessary peace and space to express his artistic vision. He creates paintings and illustrations that are emotionally charged and filled with atmospheric colors and depth. His artworks often carry an urban and street art aesthetic, reflecting his strong connection to the city and its multifaceted culture. Patrick Jakobsson creates art that engages the viewer and invites reflection on the many layers of creativity.

Patrick Jakobsson is a self-taught painter whose creativity has been a constant force throughout his life. From a young age, he explored various forms of artistic expression, starting with streetart. This early engagement with street art allowed him to develop a dynamic and unique style, characterized by bold colors and abstract forms.

Patrick's artistic journey did not stop with streetart. He expanded his skills to include painting, illustration, and digital art. His self-motivated exploration of different mediums has allowed him to create a diverse body of work that resonates with a wide audience. His ability to adapt and learn independently highlights his dedication and passion for the arts.

Since 1993, Patrick has worked professionally as a visual designer. In this role, he has applied his artistic skills to the digital realm, focusing on branding and visual design. His professional work demonstrates his ability to merge creativity with practical design principles, creating visually compelling and effective designs for various clients.

Despite being self-taught, Patrick's professional success is a testament to his talent and hard work. His career as a visual designer complements his personal artistic pursuits, showcasing a seamless integration of different artistic disciplines. Patrick's journey is an inspiring example of how passion and perseverance can lead to a successful and fulfilling career in the arts.

Golden Serie - 2024.

His paintings often feature bright, striking colors that capture the viewer's attention and convey a sense of energy and emotion. Patrick enjoys experimenting with various techniques and materials, including gold leaf, which adds a unique and luxurious touch to his artworks.

In his creative process, Patrick uses a wide range of colors, ensuring his canvases are always well-prepared with a solid foundation. This meticulous groundwork allows him to build layers of color and texture, creating depth and richness in his paintings.

Patrick's artistic skills are not limited to acrylics. He also sketches with ink, graphite, and watercolor, each medium contributing to the development of his ideas and the refinement of his compositions. These sketches serve as the backbone of his creative process, helping him to visualize and plan his final pieces.

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