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I am a 37 year old girl from Strängnäs, Södermanland. I am a mother of a 15 year old son and lives with my partner and two cats. When I'm not painting, I work in nursing care for elderly. Otherwise you will find me the majority of my time in front of a painting. I also like interior design and DIY.

Dont look back


I am inspired by creation itself, to create beautiful things. I want to constantly develop and learn more. Since I'm fairly new in painting I do what I think looks nice or cool and continue from that and just go with the flow. Use normal feelings, thoughts or my life for inspiration
lately I have started to write short descriptions or stories related to my paintings, also use art to take a stand on various issues that are important to me

I am a self-taught painter, I have no art background or education but evolving in my art by experiment in different methods.

Nordic art guide book release in may 2023.

Exhibition -artist of the month Feb & March- Stallarholmen.

Leva och Bo magazine in March 2023. marketing

Aftonbladet - marketing in april 2023

Exhibition Vårsalong -stallarholmen 16/4-30/4 2023

Solo Exhibition in Gula rosornas företagsby, Strängnäs -april 2023

artist arena exhibition 30/6 2023

Solo Exhibitions konstfabriken-Strängnäs October 2023

I am an abstract painter and I paint in acrylics most of the time, but also use other technique like charcoal, soft pastells and coffee into my work. I work most of the time in natural tones and earthy colors.

I never know what to paint when I start, but I try to figure it out as I go. I save what I like and paint over what I don't like. I just go with flow and try to create something I like. I think I have a good eye for fine details and I continue to create from that.