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Ellinor is an autodidact artist with a background as civil engineer within the it-business and the roots in Stockholm, but now living in the north of Sweden, in Luleå.

Ellinor’s art journey began after she moved from Stockholm and left the stressful big city life behind. She has always been drawn to the nature, the silence and the great wilderness in the north of Sweden. The new life in the north together with more time at home during the pandemics, gave her the time and inspiration to start painting and she immidately found a new passion in life.

She paints in her studio in her home and tries to combine family life and a job within it, with the wonderful creative life.

Ellinor paints abstract artworks with many layers of paint, in both powerful as well as more earthy colors. Sometimes she adds some kind of structure medium to her painting.

Chasing dreams


Ellinor finds her inspiration in the magic in the nature, feelings and from everyday life. Her artworks consists of many layers of paint, and in every layer many feelings are capsuled.

Various online courses.

Selection of previous exhibitions:

2021 Dec, Aurorum Luleå
2022 Dec, Galleri M Karlstad
2023 June, Oak island gallery Stockholm
2023 July, Teaterhotellet Malmö
2023 Oct, Scandic Hallandia Halmstad
2023 Nov, Galleri Hind, Stockholm
2023 Nov, Bluelit Underground Gallery, Luleå

Upcoming exhibitions:
Kristianstad, Stadshotellet, 23 januari-21 februari 2024
Malmö, World Trade Center, 2 april-21 maj 2024
Hörby, Nolato Medi Tech, 8 juni-6 juli 2024

Acrylics and structure mediums.

Ellinor paints with acrylics on both cotton and linen canvases.

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