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Mona Markinhuhta

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The choice to work with watercolour was simple – the airiness and the directness but also the unruly and unpredictable is what is fascinating and gives energy to my creativity.

I paint intuitively and work a lot on raw emotion. The sketches and proportions are important, but as soon as they are there it is all about “going with the flow”. What drives me is the strive to capture an expression or an atmosphere without “telling it all”. When that works it is pure happiness!

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Currently, Mona is fascinated and inspired by women, and by bringing attention to women through art. Music is also a source for inspiration. She likes to have a playlist with indie and alternative music to get in the right mood.

TECHNIQUE: Mona is an autodidact artist and have spent countless hours experimenting with different techniques on aquarelle paper and various colors. It is just recently when she has found her way of expressing through a technique she feels comfortable with. The first layer is normally laid with a large painting brush and swift, light strokes with lots of water and paint. After that she lets the image rest in order for it to start to grow before she moves ahead with more layers and certain details.

- Solo exhibition at Astra Zeneca in Gothenburg, June 2022.

- Represented at NOA Gallery.