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I am a self-taught artist passionate about Arts and fashion, technology, and sustainability for a safer planet. I enjoy learning new things that are valuable and that add a unique perspective to my paintings.

I have a background in Automation Engineering and am about to complete an MSc. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from the Royal Institute of Technology, (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan) Stockholm.

I approach painting with a minimal or diverse and futuristic approach depending on the inspiration for the painting. My passion for painting is evident in my collection of beautiful canvases in various shapes and sizes that I shall upload shortly.

I usually let my mood guide me when painting, leading to endless discoveries in each artwork. My obsession with painting continues growing and it does feel very good at the same time with the joy of creating works of Art that would end up in the hands of amazing people, beautiful homes, offices, halls, institutions, and other places that would make good use of my works.

Join me on this beautiful journey of delivering unique works of art. See you maybe.

PaintCake Mini Painting Nr. 5


Most of my inspiration comes from a vast range of artists I admire a lot, and the relationship I build with each painting (before, during, and after), letting the tools and colors guide me with a natural flow

MSc. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (KTH, Sweden)
2021 - 2024

B.Eng Automation Engineering (HAMK UAS, Finland)
2008 - 2013

I am working on a collection to exhibit at Artist Arena, Stockholm.

Acrylic, Oil, Gouache, Spray Paint, Clay, and other innovative combos.

I usually let the mood and the tools guide me, meaning, most of my favorite works have happened in something I call "the good accident" accidental painting outcomes that turns out good.

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