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I am a Swedish artist who lives in a small town called Enköping. I've got a passion for art, comics and Japan. Ever since childhood, I've always loved to draw and paint and I somewhat live in a dreamworld - everything around me appears as comics inside my head. The love and happiness to tell stories through my art therefore comes very natural for me.

After 10 years of longing and slowly preparing everything mentally on how I would like to start an art business, I finally got to do it at the beginning of year 2022. I'm slowly making my dream come true after all these years of longing!

I want my art to be something that gives you hope, love and maybe give you a laugh. I want it to brighten your everyday with the beauty that this world needs more of. So if you feel you're in the blues, depressed or just overall happy about life - this is for you.

Sorbet Mountain


Since I am a daydreamer, my inspiration usually comes from my different thoughts. Thoughts on whatever and whatnot. Other than that, the nature, animals, comics and the lovely country Japan is another source for my inspiration.

- Arts programme in High School, Lindeskolan in Lindesberg
- Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design & Communication, Linköpings University.
- Distance course in Illustration, Forsbergs.

- Vinterspår, 4-5 mars, Lindeskolan Kulturum, Lindesberg, 2023
- Vår Konst, 7-9 april, Gulkremlagatan 9 (Kvarterslokal 1), Enköping, 2023

Mixed media, with a base of either aquarelle or acrylic.

My painting process differs from time to time. Mostly, I need to process a happening or feeling that's overflowing inside me. Sometimes, I really go into the colors and work more from an abstract point of view, I let the colors do the talking and after a while it shows me something figurative (or tells me a story). And another approach is when I have a clear vision of what to draw, and draws it immediately.

What's common for each process is that I either listen to music or spend the solitude together with my paintbrushes' strokes. Sometimes I just don't need to think at all while I paint, and other times I want to be filled with happy music! It really depends on my mood.

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