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Cristina Carlheim-Gyllenskiöld

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I started painting in fluid ink after my retirement and soon I found out that birds are my speciality. My paintings are not photografic but the birds have their original form and colour-range,

Red crowned crane


I find my birds on Internet, in papers and in books.

Shorter courses in ink painting. I have always been drawing and painting during my whole life.

I still try to find out how to reach an audience. I have had smaller exhibitions but mostly for friends.

Mostly wet-in-wet. The ink has a lot of pigment compared to watercolour and when I put a small amount of ink to a wet area the colour ’explodes’ and gives an amazing effect. I have to trust the power of the ink, and don’t fiddle too much with my brushes.
I have ink in a lot of colours and paint on heavy and rough watercolour-paper.

First I mark out the contours of the bird. After that I fill the bigger areas with ink, wet-in-wet. I repeat with other areas until I’m satisfied. The ink has to dry between every application unless I want the colours to mix on the paper. Then I do the details.
Last I paint the background, sometimes in soft coulour(s) and sometimes with flowers, trees, bushes or leafs.