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Born and raised in the Munkfors, Värmland.
Working part time as an art teacher.
Guitarrist in a band called Majestica.



The inspiration is a combination of growing up in the deep woods of Värmland, heavy metal music with it’s artwork and lyrical theme and deeply inspired of fantasy movies, books and games.
I also have an interest in fishing and that have given me the feeling for lakes and rivers surrounded by nature.

Art teacher.

Working on an youtube channel.
A live action exhibition in Deje, Värmland, between jul 22nd to aug 3rd.
Exhibition through Artist Arena with start from Aug 16th.

Oil, often water based oil on canvas.

Different brushes and knifes.
Sometimes I look at a photo of a place I like.
Sometimes I paint from my mind, improvising.
The painting often starts with a base color. I use water to thinn the oil and cover the canvas. I often make different shapes with this base color. Marking things I see. From that I refine everything until I feel it’s enough.

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