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After working as an illustrator for ten years I wanted to create my own paintings. I studied at different art schools and tried many different techniques and motifs. My paintings mainly consist of urban landscapes in oil and watercolour.

Red crane


Trains, railways, steam, steel, smoke, and everything in those environments.
The sky, the wind and the clouds.
In periods, I sometimes draw similar motifs in charcoal and lead pencil, in order to create a variation in what I do.

Lunds konstskola 1993-94
Ölands folkhögskola, bild&form, konstskolan 1994-96
Konstfack, bildlärarlinjen 1996-99

Sydosten, Kalmar 1995
Liljevalchs vårsalong 1996, 1999, 2021
Väsby konsthall 2002, 2003, 2006, 2018, 2019, 2022
Galleri Bibb, Gröndal 2010, 2017
Edsviks konsthall 2017
Artist Arena Showroom sept 2023
Artist Arena Showroom maj 2024

Oil on canvas
Watercolour and charcoal

My paintings are made from memories and photographs, but the purpose is more to create a feeling, rather than the very image of the motifs.

Works for sale (9)

  • Skymning över ingenjörsland 2

    680.00 €
  • Tranebergsbron

    425.00 €
  • Skymning över ingenjörsland 3

    425.00 €
  • Ändstation 2

    425.00 €
  • Blå skymning över ingenjörsland

    425.00 €
  • Morgonrusning i London

    425.00 €
  • Bangården

    425.00 €
  • Skymning över ingenjörsland 4

    680.00 €
  • Bro i staden 2

    774.00 €

Sold artworks (9)