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Belgian-Dane, made in 1992 - I developed my creativity and love for the visual arts on the benches of my Belgian school hoping to catch someone’s eye. Believe it or not, it turned out drawing helped get girls’ attention. Who would’ve thought?

Fast forward a decade or so, and you could find me studying Advertising and Design at CAD Brussels before moving up to Stockholm where I first work as a Creative Consultant for The Absolut Company (yes, the Vodka) and now as a designer for a video game start-up.

The loudest in the room


Linking sadness and euphoria, channeled and translated through the tears, smiles, trials and tribulations of my creatures. I paint pictures from my perspective of the world where even the most intimidating monsters can feel human.

Happiness, sadness, madness and hopes - it’s all there. These are ubiquitous feelings that unite us and drive us.

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