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My name is Cecilia and I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden where I currently reside today. I’m so happy you discovered my art and I look forward to sharing my passion with you. I started painting when I was just a little girl as art has always been a type of therapy for me. Whether I’m happy, sad or anxious I resort to painting to help me express my emotions through art. In doing this, space and time fades away and a personal masterpiece is created. I have tried many different styles and methods over the years but have found my way to specializing in watercolor.

Some of my favourite things about being an artist is the ability to bring the art with me everywhere I go. I also love to challenge myself and push my limits to further expand my skill set. Working with watercolor is exactly the kind of challenge I love. You never know how the watercolor will react on paper which results in a unique piece of work each time and provides me with a new perspective on the medium.

I hope you will find my art exciting and join me in my artistic journey.

Ocean Escape.JPG


I truly believe in the healing power of nature and the emotional effects that colors have on our lives. It is through nature where I aim to capture these calm or peaceful moments and recreate them on paper. Bright colors and spectacular views are just a few of the inspirations you will see expressed in my paintings. I am also inspired by the small, simplistic moments and ensuring they find a place on my canvas as well.

Nyckelviksskolan, Hantverkspedagog year 2017-2019

Beckmans Kvällskola, FORM linje year 2020-2021


I often work on several paintings at the same time since I build up my paintings in many different layers to create depth and contrast with light. When you have that time of process you need to give the watercolor time to dry. When I have finished one layer on one painting, I let it dry and, in the meantime, I paint on another.

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