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I'm an artist based in Linköping, where I delve into human emotions and relationships with a blend of humor and darker undertones. Through my art, I aim to evoke both laughter and introspection, juxtaposing the simplicity of humor with the complexity of our emotional experiences.

My work invites viewers into a world where laughter coexists with profound reflection, where the mundane meets the profound. I aspire for my pieces to spark joy and contemplation, taking audiences on a captivating journey through my artistic vision.

Humor serves as my gateway to connect with others and explore my inner self. My creations, whether paintings or sculptures, embody a delightful yet poignant tone. Each piece is imbued with emotions, featuring simplistic figures in human scenarios infused with a subtle darkness.

I find beauty in simplicity and seek to challenge myself to uncover humor in the obvious. Vibrant colors saturate my work, mirroring the hues of everyday life. Sharp edges and the confines of the canvas serve as prompts for viewers to explore the dimensions of the artwork themselves. As spectators, I encourage you to engage your imagination, emotions, and thoughts freely.



My inspiration stems from everyday life and the encounters that unfold within it. Being an emotional individual, my inspiration is invariably intertwined with feelings evoked by encounters, thoughts, or reflections—whether they be internal dialogues or discussions with others.

Additionally, inspiration can arise from various sources such as events, photographs, or music. I draw significant inspiration from music, ranging from individual songs to entire albums. Moreover, books have also served as a source of inspiration for me.

Liljeholmens Folkhögskola
2017- 2018
Måleri, skulptur, textiltryck, kroki och vävning
1992 - 1993
Ålsta folkhögskola
Måleri, kroki, grafik, textiltryck, skulptur och foto
1991 - 1992
Pehr-Brahe gymnasiet
Sömnad, teckning och mönsterkonstruktion
Edelviks folkhögskola
Teater, teaterhistoria, keramik och foto
1987 - 1988
Värnamo folkhögskola
Sömnad, vävning och teckning 1987
Målerikurs Birgitta Ögneloodh
Målerikurs för Gunnar Okner

PopUp in summer 2024 Linköping
PopUpArt autumn 2024
Galleri vändasida Linköping spring 2025

I've been experimenting with new techniques in watercolor and sculpture to maintain the simplicity and humor in my art. In my watercolor pieces, I begin by applying water to white paper before adding color. This method enhances the humor in my characters, giving them a whimsical quality.

For my sculptures, I utilize cardboard as a base material. The unique properties of cardboard, being easy to bend in one direction yet challenging in another, result in sculptures with a crooked and amusing appearance.

When working with acrylic paint, I start by using a wide funnel and work directly from the heart. This approach allows me to seek answers to my artistic questions and gradually build up layers of paint until the desired outcome is achieved.

In my art, I aim to uncover the simple beauty and authenticity present in everyday moments through a naive perspective. Utilizing a restrained color palette and a style reminiscent of spontaneous creation, I seek to capture the pure joy and emotion of each moment. Naivism provides me with a platform to return to the fundamentals and view the world with fresh, curious eyes. By simplifying shapes and minimizing details, I strive to encapsulate the essence of my observations without unnecessary distractions or complexities.

My artistic process is a playful exploration of form and color, where I allow intuition and spontaneity to guide the strokes of my brush. Each painting becomes an adventure, as I liberate myself from expectations and let emotions flow freely.