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I am an artist with an eye for color combinations and details. I love to try different approaches and t each time I create a new art collection. What I have learned over the years is that, by taking great risks, I manage to find new techniques that differentiate my artwork.

My art is unpredictable because I never plan a painting, instead I paint directly using my intuition and state of mind. I love trying new things and I’m stubborn with my artwork.

In some of my works you’ll see shape of people who are together that give a feeling of togetherness and love without the eyes or mouth. The shape illustrates belonging.

My latest black and white works and some in color, is a technique that I love. It is a dried color where you get to brush in the color which then gets a very messy detailed soft feeling.

You can see my resume for single and group exhibitions, interviews and awards here below!

/ Fredrik Olsén


My inspiration is coming very much from my intuition and feelings from this world and life. Also through meditation and what I see from there. Colors in life and colors from your aura.

Selfe learned.

Spring Sthlm/Sweden
Spring London/Uk
Spring Rom/Italy

Mix media