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“When I paint, I go into another world, like an art bubble, where I lose time and space. I like to create based on the feelings I have inside me that longs to get out on the canvas. I want the viewer to feel lots of emotions when they see my paintings. A painting can have many different meanings and experiences, which I find exciting and interesting.

I was born in 1981 and live with my family on Värmdö outside Stockholm. This is also where I have my studio. For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in color and shape, but it was in 2011, during a difficult time in my life, that I started painting more. I needed to find a way out of a life with many negative thoughts that took up all my time and energy and that was when I started painting. Through the painting, I got out of all the feelings I had inside of me and I started to feel good again! I work mostly with acrylic and I like to use spatulas, sponges and my own hands in front of ordinary brushes. Lately, however, brushes are appearing more in my creation.” - Maria Nahlin

Det är bara fåglarna och vi nu


Maria gets inspiration from most things around her in life. It can be anything from a nice color combination in the Instagram feed to a beautiful bouquet of flowers or maybe something as simple as food on a plate.


“My creative process can take a few different forms. When I paint a custom order I have a clear goal of what the work should look like. If I paint "freely", I usually start with one color, but the end result can be something completely different from what I imagined when first starting out.”

Right now, Maria’s main focus is to create new art. She experiments a lot and is testing new expressions. “In a way, it's good to stick to one style, but on the other hand, I need to test new ideas and experiment to keep my creativity going and for it to be fun.”

Visit Maria Nahlin on Instagram, @marianahlinart

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