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Self-taught abstract and figurative artist since 2017, based in Stockholm. Painting has now become a passion that I can not be without.

I like to use layers of paint on the canvas, using different tools and media to create structure and depth to my paintings.
Enjoying the journey it takes me on until it is ready and feels finished. Trying new techniques and styles so I can develop as an artist.
Harmonious color scales in light and soft shades characterise my art style.
Finding balance and a calmness in the finished painting is an important part of my process.

My hope is to evoke a feeling with my art, to create timeless eye-catchers, which awaken the imagination and an own interpretation by the viewer.

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Inspired by moods of nature, water and oceans. Travel, architecture and the simplicity in danish design.

Some courses - Verdict art at Skaparladan in Norrtälje
Mostly self taught by experimenting and testing different techniques.

Upcoming exhibitions 2023
22 April Culture night in Stockholm at Musslan/Wasahof, Group exhibition
7-13 July Stenhallen, Öland

Exhibitions previous:
2022 Galleri Granen, Sundsvall 18-24 Jan
2022 Zeitgeist Art Show , Uppsala Saluhall 9 April
2022 Hammarö Art Gallery, Hammarö 1-31 July, extended to 5th Sept
2022 Zeitgeist Art Show , Uppsala Saluhall, 10 Sept
2022 Konst I Roslagen, Open Studio 1-2 October

2018 Edsvik Konsthall, Höstsalong, Judged by jury, Stockholm, October
2019 Exhibition at Galleri S:t Erik, Vasastan, 23 March-12 April and 26 okt-15 Nov
2019 FoKo Inbetween Galleri Hg, Gamla stan, 22-25 Nov
2019/20 Scandic Park Hotel, Stockholm, Dec-Jan
2020 Zeitgeist Art Show , Uppsala Saluhall 7 March
2020 FoKo-art-to-go, Saluhallarna, Stockholm 25 March-15 Aug . www.arttogostore.se
2020 Vault with www.arttogostore.se - September
2020 Vernissage in own studio, Täby, October

2021 Galleri Zeitgeist, Uppsala Saluhall- Solo exhibition 5 -15 March
2021 FoKo-art-to-go, Stockholm 24-30 May
2021 Crossnerartdeco, Gotland 5-25 Juli, Group Exhibition - 5-25 July
2021 Konstlobbyn, July- present

Using acrylic paint to make mixed media art. Different mediums to build texture, also using silk paper, pastel/oil crayons and charcoal.
Scraping, sponges, sandpaper to create structure.

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