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When I paint, time stops. Life becomes brightly, interesting and magical. I have a vivid and rich inner life. For long periods I have meditated. This has further expanded my inner world.
If you as a viewer are touched by my art, we share something wonderful.
My daily mission is to be happy and live a meaningfull life.
Born 1963 in Småland.

In the beginning Acrylic 100X100cm


An ocean seethes within me seeking expression. My source of inspiration is often colours that call for attention from within. To them I give form.

Creative courses:
Art folk high school
Preparatory studies in drawing and sketch
Expressive art
Vedic art

Acrylic on canvas.

Usually I decide a colour and start from there. I can draw a line and work above and below or just put colour on the canvas and start moving the brush around. I paint in complete silence.
I consider myself a beginner.