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When I paint, time stops. Life becomes brightly, interesting and magical. I have a vivid and rich inner life. For long periods I have meditated. This has further expanded my inner world. Personal growth, developmental psychology and spirituality are subjects of interest for me and of my art.
If you as a viewer are touched by my art, we share something valuable.
My daily mission is to be happy and live a meaningfull life.
Born 1963 in Småland.


An ocean seethes within me seeking expression.
At first it was the beauty of nature in combination with a call to create that caught my attention to art. Know it is an inner dialog that shape my motives.

Creative courses:
Art folk high school
Preparatory studies in drawing and sketch
Expressive art
Vedic art

Academic studies:
Master in Psychology

1. 1 of 20 member artists at Artist arena showroom exhibition - 1 piece - (presented on the website)
30th of june - 10th of july Vernissage 17-20 fri 30th of june

2. Exhibition at Fabriken Textilgatan 31-33 Hammarby sjöstad 18th of aug - 15th of sept.
Together with 1 or 2 other artists.
Up to 8 large pieces Vernissage 17-20 fri 18th of aug 17-20 The exhibition continues until the 15th of sept

3. Nacka strands blommor 3 aug - end of september. @nackastrandsblommor

Acrylic on canvas.

Right now I experience intense creativity and as if there is a line of motives wanting to get painted… so I paint … every day
Before I always lived and painted in as silent settings as possible ... until hardrock and trans recently aroused … together with classical music.
I consider myself a beginner.