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Clearsky Art- Finding inspiration in the universe and in spiritual healing combining it to art.

Åsali Ahlström is an artist based in Sweden way up in nothern Scandinavia.

My devotion to philosophy, healing and the universe gives me inspiration to my art. I paint intuitively, mainly in oils but also acrylics and spray paints. Motives are often the Northern lights dancing in the sky, night skies full of stars, seascapes, galaxies and surroundings of planets far away from us. I hope my paintings can make you too feel part of a higher purpose and a glimpse of the wonder of life.

My belief is that now more than ever our planet needs love and grateful thoughts. We need to change the way we think, live and act to bring more love and consciousness to our lives and our home, planet Earth. We will raise our consciousness to higher levels and thereby remember who we really are and what our purpose in life is.

Art is a way to heal our hearts. We all belong, therefore we are.



My inspiration is the universe for sure. Clear nights I bring my telescope out Iooking at the infinity with all the energy that is out there. It gives me hope and inspiration to my arts.


27th of October- 27th of November 2023- Artist Arena@Parapix, Stockholm

September 2022- Zeitgeist Art Show, Uppsala Saluhall
November 2022- Zeitgeist Art Show, Uppsala Saluhall
June 2023- Group exhibition, Artist Arena Showroom
August 2023- Zeitgeist Art Show, Uppsala Saluhall

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