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I have been painting and drawing since I was a child. About twenty years ago I started taking this interest more seriously by regularly every year attending art and painting courses, primarily at the Gerlesborg School of Fine Art but also privately for a few professional artists. Some years ago I discovered Vedic Art© and attended a couple of their courses at Öland.

My motives have varied over time and depending on the theme of the courses I have attended and whereabout I have been geographically. Nowadays, or when I am not attending courses, I paint more freely, out of my own inspiration or lust for creation.

I paint most often in oil, sometimes in acrylic and recently also with oil pastel crayons.

More information about me: I was born 1962 in the very north of Sweden, grew up in the very south of Sweden and moved to Stockholm in 1992 where I still live. I have a Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration and I have been working in a few different industries throughout my career, such as telecom, finance and energy. I am still working, but want to paint more and more…

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How to contact me:
Mailto:[email protected]
Mobile: +4670 861 7213

Ängen (The Meadow) 57x34cm, oil on canvas



Art and painting courses at the Gerlesborg School of Fine Art.
Private painting courses for professional artists.
Vedic Art© courses.

Solo exhibition at Galleri Grip Stockholm 2021
Participated with artwork Betraktelser II at Husby Konstsalong Stockholm 2022

Oil pastel crayons.

To be continued.

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