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Past exhibitions

More exciting exhibitions held this fall. One of the many was our popular exhibition with Emma Malm! See more of her art here.
Visit Emma's portfolio!
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First Painting in Space

- Artist Interview with Jisbar

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550.00  OBSKYR
I´M YOUR OWL (håll mig).
500.00  OBSKYR
800.00  OBSKYR
5,000.00  Cigi Hernandez
Entangled waves and curves No.2/6
300.00  Avazeh H
Entangled waves and curves No.1/6
300.00  Avazeh H
Lines squared No.1/6
520.00  Avazeh H
Nordic breeze
3,500.00  Klas Wiréhn
Untitled 2
130.00  Cigi Hernandez
130.00  Cigi Hernandez
The Portal
490.00  Cigi Hernandez
The Divine
490.00  Cigi Hernandez
370.00  Cigi Hernandez
550.00  Cigi Hernandez
450.00  Marica Sandström Lindh
Keep me Close
270.00  Marica Sandström Lindh
225.00  Marica Sandström Lindh
Burning Passion
410.00  Marica Sandström Lindh
Go with the Flow
270.00  Marica Sandström Lindh
Marilyn IV
100.00  Helena Engström

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Here are the past and coming exhibitions during the fall of 2022, in Artist Arena Showroom:

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