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Vernissage this Friday! Fluid art with Johannes Hagemann. Opens Friday April 12th, 5-8 pm. Free entry, warm welcome! Artist Arena Showroom, Upplandsgatan 48.


New group exhibit at Fabriken! Opened March 7th, 5-8pm. Now open daily 8 am to 5 pm, Monday-Friday. Ceren Kamar Bergh, Irene Chua and AnnChatrin Lasu Forsén in an eclectic group show.

Featured portfolios

Marek Sroka
Frida Leiding
Filippa Crom
Maria Nahlin
June Magnusson
Cornelia Greko
Ric Linder
Nina Eriksson
Maria Vister
Anna Viklund
Udvar Henriette Timea
Ceren Kamar Bergh
Peter Nordström
Palmaer Art
Zahra Salamat
Ellinor Bergman
Anna Ygdevik
Malin Bengtsson
Aleks Hill
Johannes Hagemann
Maria Slättman
Oulaya K
Emma Malm
Art by Lycke / Ann-Sofie Lycke
Klas Wiréhn
Joanna Day
Dayo Joseph
Paulina Svensson

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Coming exhibitions during the Spring of 2024 in Artist Arena Showroom:
Monika Spindler January 19th-29th
Nathalie Palmaer February 2nd-12th
Riitta Schauman February 16th-26th
Agneta Wendelstam March 1st-11th
Lena Johnsson March 15th-25th
Filippa Crom March 29th-April 8th
Johannes Hagemann April 12th-22nd
DIVE Madhouse April 26th-May 6th
Mikael Törnqvist May 10th-20th
Ingeborg Andersson & Sara Nygren May 24th-June 3rd
Emma Malm June 7th-17th

Past exhibitions

More exciting exhibitions held this fall. One of the many was our popular exhibition with Mikael Törnqvist! See more of his art here.
Visit Mikael's portfolio!

How to Start Collecting Art

A comprehensive guide for beginners
Art Collecting

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Blue Dream
350.00  Palmaer Art
1,500.00  AnnChatrin Lasu Forsén
Observation No 7
420.83  Peter Nordström
Strong Interaction
340.00  Johannes Hagemann
Running from the daylight
1,900.00  Emma Malm
1,400.00  David Larsson
430.00  Clearskyart
500.00  Maria Slättman
Yellow Box
100.00  Marcuslqart
650.00  Hesho Serray
Flora pinc apricot
757.00  Sofie Sjöström
589.50  Sigrid Ehrenberg
Daydreaming of that fresh scent
475.00  Cecilia Hällström
570.00  Lena Johnson Art
Crow Castle
420.00  Lovtjärn Design
533.00  Martina Ehrenborg
STHLM Pale Olive No.1
1,070.00  Maria Nahlin
Nature's Breath
680.00  Peter Frejeberg